Deck & Hardscaping

Decking and Hardscaping Los Angeles

Decks are beautiful additions to the home. They can increase the functionality of the space. Not only do decks increase the functionality of the space, they also increase the value of the property. 

Decks are easy projects and worth their cost value.

Decks are multi-purpose and are quite useful for a host of activities.

You can turn your deck and patio to some sort of escape retreat, a place to retreat and relax. Decks make amazing locations for hosting birthday parties, barbecues, even a low-keyed dinner with friends and family.

Decks manage to combine their functionality with beauty, making them quite eye-catching.

Hardscaped deck designs and style are endless, and they never really go out of style.

We got you covered regardless of the kind of deck you want to build, from small decks for relaxation to big enough decks to host an entire community, we will help you.

As one of the leading expert construction companies in Los Angeles, decks and patios construction is something we are adept at.

Hardscaped decks are freestanding or attached structures that sit above ground level as opposed to their hardscaped patio counterparts which are ground level and mostly concrete.

Not sure how the design of your deck should be? Contact us for a free consultation.

As we consult for you, we will discuss the possible materials we need to make your deck.

A visit or visual of the proposed space will give us an insight to the size of deck that can be created and fitted there. It will also allow us to plan the best materials to use. Our free consultation allows you to share your vision with us, while we run through the estimate. This will enable you to work your budget around the estimate or adjust your design to suit your budget.

Why should you work for us?

Top leader Construction has made a name for itself as one of the tried, tested and true construction companies in Los Angeles. We count on our numbers; they are valid and rich. And have you benefited from our experience?

We work with an in-house team of experienced professionals, who have been doing this for years.

To sweeten the deal and offer customers the complete work package, we partner with top notch designers who have been known for their incredible designs and work quality.

As a brand, quality is our watchword, and it reflects in the way we carry out our works. We create structures with materials of the highest quality that have been known to stand the test of time.

Still not sure if you need a deck or which style to go for? Start first with a free consultation.

With just a feel of what you want is what we need to advance our work. While you may not have the picture of what you want in mind, you can say how having such a structure will make you feel. 

You could say the thought of having a deck brings a feeling of warmth and family, and we will design something that can be used for large family gatherings while being intimate.

That is the extent we can go to bring your idea to life.

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