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ADU Garage Conversion Los Angeles

Space conversion is one of the common projects carried out in home remodeling. One space can be converted to something else entirely. A basement can be constructed and outfitted into either a work space or something else. The attic can become a bedroom or something more.

With the right materials, and design, any space can become something else. In this case, it is the conversion of a garage to an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Except you use your garage to park your cars, a garage is actually a great space that can be converted into something beautiful.

A lot of people have turned their garage space into storage, using it to hold junks and maybe a car. We can turn that junk –filled garage into a livable place!

When you convert your garage into an ADU, you gain a new living space and more. Although you can build an ADU from the scratch, garage conversions take less time and even money.

What does a garage to ADU conversion entail?

Construction works of this nature like a lot of them usually require permits to work, and this can be stressful for the customer. This is why using a construction company from start to finish is important.

With Top Leader Construction Company, you can be assured of getting your ADU stress free. Converting a garage to an ADU takes time because the garage only provides the shell of the ADU. The ADU is actually designed to be a full functioning living space. 

Sometimes, the garage floors will need to be reinforced, if the ADU is a story building. The regular installations and set up needed for a normal house is what will be needed for an ADU, size not without standing.

Every installation you need for a regular house, from plumbing, to lightning, to fixing of shelves. Everyone. This process can be long and expensive if you are working with the wrong company.

Why we are different.

Top leader construction offers customers free consultation, estimate and pricing. This is important because we want customers to be comfortable telling us what they want without worrying about the cost of consultation. During consultation, we are able to ascertain the customer’s needs and come up with a plan for it. A team of our professional workers will then visit your location to give us further insight into the project. Once we have an estimate for the job, and we come to an alignment, work commences.

Throughout every process of the job, we ensure that we work together with you so that you are carried along.

Another interesting part of ADU is their interior designs. Our work does not end with the construction. To make sure that customers are receiving the complete package, we teamed up with designers who help to make sure that the service we are providing our customers is seamless and complete.

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