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Welcome to Top Leader Construction, your No.1 construction company in the Los Angeles area and beyond. We have a reputation for quality homes that stand the test of time. This is because we are committed to building long-lasting homes. At Top Leader Construction, we go the extra mile to ensure that our customers are receiving value for their money. 

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When Should You Call Us?

Top Leader Construction offers construction services for the following:


Whether you are considering the design and set up of your brand-new kitchen, total remodeling, or even little repairs, we have got you covered.

With our experienced team of professional construction workers, you are guaranteed to get the best quality work. We also partner with some of the most creative interior designers in the Los Angeles stateside and beyond. These designers have made their names in the industry with impressive portfolios. 


Over the years, people are becoming more intentional about their bathroom designs. They realize that it is not just a room to take baths in, but a bathroom can be so much more. Regardless of the size of your bathroom area, we have a knack for constructing and designing some of the unique bathrooms you can imagine. You are just a click away to your dream bathroom, call us for consultations, and let us bring your desired bathroom space to life.


Whether indoor or outdoor, there is a lot that goes into constructing a pool. Depending on the size of the pool, availability of space and design, your pool can become anything you want it to be. We guarantee high-quality pool construction work and designs. Our jobs are also guaranteed to last for a very long time because we take pride in the quality of our jobs.

Get High-Quality Construction Work and Unique Designs for Your Space!


Yes, you can have construction work done in your backyard. With the right designer (which we have), you can turn your plain backyard to something out of a home and lifestyle magazine. Whatever your theme is, we are fully equipped to deliver.


You need the right concept for your windows. With the right window design, your home can become completely transformed. Windows have become a huge part of interior design. They have slowly moved from just being inlets for light and ventilation to playing significant roles in the design and aesthetics of a space. With all the experience under our belt and the people we work with, your window designs are in great hands with us.

New Homes

New homes are like blank canvases that an artist has to work on. We are great artists who know just what to create with your new homes. We provide start to finish construction services for brand new homes. We help you manage the stress that comes constructing a new home or remodeling a newly bought home from scratch.

We also carry out the installation of Patios, hardscape decks, and we offer 3-D rendering services.

What Are Your Construction Needs? We Are Here to Help You Out!

We believe that every home is beautiful and has the potential to be more. That is why we work with the best interior designers, installation professionals and construction workers to give you your dream home.

From indoor constructions to outdoor construction works, we have been giving homeowners immense satisfaction by bringing their dream homes to life.

What you gain from engaging our services is not just professionalism, but also a detailed step-by-step process of whatever construction job we are handling for you.

We care about the process and its finished look a lot, and this is why details are important to us.

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Why You Should Work With Us?

Our specialty includes virgin construction and remodeling works for homes

We have the accreditation of the Better Business Bureau, we have also been screened and approved by Home Advisor, having also been awarded by them for Elite service. Most importantly, our license is bonded and insured.

We not only offer you construction services, but we will also help you negotiate your insurance claims to get the best deal possible, and we will also give you an estimate and prices for proposed work at no cost.

We cannot wait to work with you!

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